Checkout our Standard Hydrographic Tank Controllers for the DIY tank builder.


Check out our new Pro Series Smart Hydrographic Tank Controllers!

Remotely control your hydrographics tank from anywhere, anytime and from anyplace!


Get the Pro Series Smart Hydrographic Tank Controller that pays for itself!

  • Save money in productivity.
  • Have your tank ready when you need it to be without running it needlessly for hours when it is not being used!
  • Monitor your energy usage! With Current (AMP) sensors your controller knows exactly how much energy your tank has used and can tell you in Kilowatt Hours or even $$$. This could even be used in production jobs for exact costing.
  • Cycle between heater elements each time to prolong element life.
  • Maximize energy efficiency by optimizing pump and heater usage only when you need them.
  • No more running pump all night to keep tank at working temperature.
  • Extend the life of your water by draining any portion of your tank nightly, every two days or what ever your needs may be, and bring your tank back up to temperature at the time you tell it to be ready.
  • Perform complete tank drain and refill and restore your tank to temperature while you are at home sleeping in bed.
  • With freeze protection your tank and pipes will never freeze again! You can set a minimum temperature and your tank will always maintain at or above that temperature without having to run your tank at operating temperature wasting energy. All automatically!
  • Accidents happen! With your smart controller you will be notified when warning or emergency events arise. Your controller can even handle a variety of emergencies on its own. For instance if your tank shows a leak it can automatically shut off pumps and heaters and even drain your tank to prevent flooding of your shop! That is just one of the many events, and benefits of have a smart controller!

We are currently accepting PRE Orders for PRO Tank Controllers. These will not start to ship until late September early October. PRE ORDERS are taken to hold your spot in line. First ordered first shipped.

Customers needing a controller today should order one of the Standard Single Element Controllers or Standard Dual Element Controllers which will be eligible for a trade-in discount of $500.00 for a Standard Single Element Controller or $625.00 for the Standard Dual Element Controller. Also customers who purchase a Standard Series controller will be placed in line for the new controller with their original purchase date. If you order a Standard Series controller today and someone PRE ORDERS a Pro Series controller after you placed your order for the Standard Series controller you will get your Pro Series first.

If you are just looking for the CADILLAC CONTROLLER order the Fully Loaded option for the best pricing! For 1499.99 which is less than our competitors BASIC UL Listed panel you can have ours! 10X the panel of our competitors!

Also please select LEFT or RIGHT option. Basically if you are standing at your dipping station (Place where your about to put your hands in the water) is your controller going to be located to your RIGHT side or your LEFT side. This is not critical but has to do with placement of the buttons and switches for easier access.


Without any options for 999.99 you would receive a Internet Enabled controller capable of remote control, monitoring of a single heating element and pump. Plus you can schedule when you need your tank to be at operating temperature so when you get in to your shop at X:XX time your tank will be at the temperature you requested ready for production!

The Fully Loaded option gets you EVERYTHING. Not only can you control and monitor your tank but you will also be able to monitor the health of your pump and heating elements, auto fill to keep your tank at its optimum water level, drain and refill your tank (YES EVEN REMOTELY!), heat your tank from anywhere in the world and have peace of mind that your tank and pipes will never freeze! Plus you get the remote timer and pump switches!

For even more information about the new controller please visit