FAQ’s about Standard Series controllers

Are your controllers “UL Listed”?

Because our controllers use only parts that are UL Rated then technically our controllers are “UL Rated”. Companies that market “UL Listed” controllers may in fact do the same thing. If you truly need a “UL Listed” controller then I would ask to see their documentation before I made that purchase. “UL Listing” basically means that your controller was manufactured with safety in mind. We use all quality components and I would hold our panels wiring against any other competitors in the market today.

If you truly need to purchase a “UL Listed” controller please ask the company for the following documentation before you make the purchase.

  • “UL in a circle” symbol
  • Word “Listed”
  • Product name or company name/file number
  • Issue/serial number or alphanumeric control number

What if I have unusual requirements?

As we custom build each controller unusual configurations are usually not a problem. Sometimes customers will have pumps with 110V or sometimes 220V. Some customers have 1 heating element and some have up to 4. We can build and wire your new controller to meet your needs.

What is the current lead time on Standard Series Controllers?

Lead time on your controller is approximately 7 days before it ships. Each controller is custom made to our customers specifications. There are a lot of different configurations out there and for us to stock controllers for each one would be nearly impossible. Plus we engrave the panel of each controller to give the customer a truly clean and customized panel with their company logo or other text you prefer.