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Remote Foot Switch

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Standard Dual Element Hydrographics Controller


Standard Dual Heating Element Controller.

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<h2>Standard Dual Element Hydrographics Controller</h2>

We produce the most reasonable priced Hydrographics Controllers on the market today. We do not sacrifice quality of parts or workmanship to bring you our standard series controllers. Whether you need a single or dual heating element controller we have what you need. Each and everyone of our controllers are built to your specific needs. We also engrave the panel with your company logo or any wording your prefer. We are the only manufacturer that offers this service and we offer it free of charge! It is important to us that you not only love the functionality of your controller but also the aesthetics of it as well.

Our standard series controllers come with the following features.

Emergency Stop Switch
Separate Push Button Timer Reset
PID Controller for optimum heating characteristics
Integrated timer in the PID module for less panel clutter
Programmable timer and length of buzzer sounding
Pump switch
Separate switch for each heating element
Included Temperature Probe 1/4 inch NPT thread
40AMP Contactors to handle any need
Optional accessories that really make our controllers shine!

Remote Operated Pump Foot Switch so you can press the pedal right at your work station.
Remote Button to reset the timer from your work station instead of wasting time going to the panel

Information you will need before ordering your control panel

Voltage requirement for your water pump. (Usually 110V or 220V)
Voltage and Wattage of your heating elements (220V 4500W standard)
Standing at workstation in front of tank will your panel be to your RIGHT or LEFT?
Would you like your company logo engraved for FREE? We need a hi res image. You can send it to support@stealthmicro.com with your order number which you will receive within 24 hours after your purchase.
Do you want the upgrades? Remember we have the remote foot switch for your pump and remote button to reset the timer saving you from having to take time to walk to your control panel.
For more information and our FAQ’s about our Standard Controllers visit FAQ Page

Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 16 x 12 in


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